Songs Inspired by

The Adventures of Erasmus Twiddle

Are you all set to boogie to the way-out sounds of Jeb Fitzenstrudel & The Puckermouth Country Orchestra, the grooviest musical act to ever groove out of Grmkville? Turn up the volume on your computer, click on a song title, and start dancing.

If you need QuickTime to listen to the songs, get it here.
• Erasmus Twiddle’s on the Case
• Jeb Fitzenstrudel Sings of the Rabbit Hippo
• The Ballad of Evil Weevil
• Cooking with Letty
• Another Sunny Day in Grmkville
Hanatchi Mogo
Oh No, It’s a Puzzled Baboon!
Jumpping Sandwich
Can you figure out the lyrics to “Hanatchi Mogo”? Well, why not write them down?
Then email your guess to us here at Erasmus Twiddle headquarters.
“The Adventures of Erasmus Twiddle” by Eric Laster
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