The Adventures of Erasmus Twiddle

Grmkville’s Famous & Talented Not-Detective

by Eric Laster

“The Adventures of Erasmus Twiddle” by Eric Laster
Erasmus Twiddle knows that anyone can be a detective if they send four bottle caps, three proof-of-purchase seals from their favorite cereal, two AA batteries and one rattlesnake skin to P.O. Box 12345.

But being a not-detective is far more complex. Just ask Erasmus Twiddle. Whether it’s investigating a rubber chicken factory, unpuzzling a puzzled baboon, or figuring out how a lonely rabbit-hippo can make a few friends, it’s most assuredly the not-detective who solves the mystery. Or the not-mystery, for that matter.

Includes these mysterious mysteries:
• The Case of the Rubber Chicken
• The Case of the Lonely Rabbit-Hippo
• The Case of the Exploding Donkey
• The Case of the Furious Elf
• The Case of the Soggy Dumpling
• The Case of the Evil Weevil
• The Case of the Puzzled Baboon
• And much more!
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